About Us

   Board Members:      Eric Wickens          Diane Wickens        Sandy Mikesone      Pam Butcher

Jeff and Stephanie Warneke (House Directors)      Emerald Parisi Kitts(Counselor)             

Salt Creek Ministries is a non-profit organization that oversees Katie's House. Katie's House is a transitional living house that was started to help women begin a  new life after graduating a rehabilitation program.

How we got here
After getting to know the Adult and Teen challenge Center in Missoula, Montana and helping to enroll Katie, a woman near and dear to our hearts. We were changed walking through Katie's time spent at TC. Watching the transformation and reshaping of her heart and mind around Christ and His promises, we too saw and experienced what Christ can do for women struggling to overcome addiction. From the start we saw the TC program as a light in the midst of a lot of darkness. There's nothing more truer than their claim, "The  way to freedom from substance abuse is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." We want to follow that same truth here at Katie's House. 

We were touched by the program of Teen Challenge, and we could feel God working in our hearts to do something more for the women graduating. We didn’t know at the time what our role was, but we continued to pray for guidance and direction. One aspect we felt that was unfortunate was seeing a few women graduating the TC program or other rehabilitation programs, going back to the same situation from which they came and slowly be weighed down by the same old circumstances and falling back into use. Seeing this happen from time to time we saw the need for transitional living, a place for women to take their next step after graduating to secure themselves a life away from their past and a chance to move forward in their faith and everything they came so far from to change.

In January (2015) our family took a leap of faith and acted on what we could feel God calling us toward. So, with much excitement we opened the doors to Katie's House spring 2015. “Katie’s House” in dedication to Katie, whom graduated Teen Challenge in 2012. If it hadn’t been for her, we would’ve never went on this journey and had our hearts changed in so many ways. All of the women we’ve met through the program have been a blessing on our lives. Katie still to this day remains sober, going on her seventh year now and will always say, that one year of commitment to Teen Challenge gave her more back than all the years previous in addiction. She loves Jesus and believes with all her heart the power of transformation when you give Him everything. 

Katie’s House is a transitional living house for women who have graduated or completed a rehabilitation program. We are located in Lewistown, Montana. The purpose of this program is to provide an environment for women to find their full potential through Jesus Christ and to become role models through their faith that will continue on in their homes, churches and communities. While living at Katie's House we expect each woman to have full time employment, attend classes and studies at house, attend church, and volunteer at church and community efforts.  We will ensure that each woman is able to find full-time employment and receives help fulfilling the other requirements of this program.

We want to fuel and encourage women coming out of graduation in a way that propels them from not only overcoming their substance abuse, their emotional hardships, and their past to using what they’ve learned to help those around them. The best way to maintain our faith and sobriety is to help and encourage others in their faith, or lead others to finding help. These women have powerful testimonies and while they seem so unfortunate, God uses our hardships to be a bridge and light for others. We want to help keep these women moving forward in their faith, strengthen them in all ways, and encourage them to be a light for others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to consider what we’re offering for women who are close to graduating Adult and Teen Challenge or other rehabilitation programs. If you would like to know more about our house or non-profit please do not hesitate to contact us.  This ministry has been blessed to have faithful friends and family come along side us to help shape and start up this program. Please feel free to call our office at 406.380.0459

Many Blessings,   


Eric and Emma Wickens